Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rainy night

     Though the day was warm and breezy, the eveing brought strong winds, thunder, lightening, and a soft rain. I had taken a plant from the front of the house, and planted it in the back by my porch where I have my hosta plants, before the rains began. Though there isn't full sun in the back, I am hoping the plant does well. It's a conflower. I had taken 2 plants from the front to put in back, along with my tea rose plant. Only time will tell if they do well. Mother nataure has been watering the plants,since I replanted them, so have been lucky about not having to water them. I will have to look to see if I can find any native plants that can tolerate a spot that is shade for a great part of the day.
     It would be wonderful to have American native plants in the garden, exspecially ones that draw butterflies. That has been my dream for many years, to have a garden that draws birds and butterflies.
    The spot under my window that gets the most sun, has so many weeds, it would take alot to get rid of them all. These are alot of creeping crawling weeds that get white flowers on them. It would be nice to know of a good way of getting rid of them, since I am bothered with my back, and the soil is so hard to work with. I love seeing areas that have native American wildflowers. Not many of those places are around, as most people tend to grow plants that originally came from other countries. Nothing wrong with that, as there are many pretty plants that came from other countries.     

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