Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day

    With Memorial Day just around the corner, lets not forget what the holiday is really about. It isn't just another holiday to party and have a cookout and have an extra day off work. The holiday is about those who have served our country in war, and have died for our freedom. Remember all those who have died for us, so that we could have the freedom of speech, freedom of religion, no matter what that faith may be, and all the other freedoms that we have in this country of ours. I found a great link to read about the day.  . There are many other great sites out there to read about Memorial Day, but this is one of the very first sites that I came across. Have a great Memorial Day weekend, and thank a vetern for serving our country.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Northern cardinal

      I was able to get a few good photos of the northern cardinal today. On a few of the photos, he was sitting on the railing, right outside my frontroom window. It was he was waiting for me to see him, and take his photo. The female was near by, and another male, but couldn't get their photos. The female kept hiding behind the bushes, then flew off before I could get a photo of her. I keep hoping one day that I will be able to get one of the female. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rainy night

     Though the day was warm and breezy, the eveing brought strong winds, thunder, lightening, and a soft rain. I had taken a plant from the front of the house, and planted it in the back by my porch where I have my hosta plants, before the rains began. Though there isn't full sun in the back, I am hoping the plant does well. It's a conflower. I had taken 2 plants from the front to put in back, along with my tea rose plant. Only time will tell if they do well. Mother nataure has been watering the plants,since I replanted them, so have been lucky about not having to water them. I will have to look to see if I can find any native plants that can tolerate a spot that is shade for a great part of the day.
     It would be wonderful to have American native plants in the garden, exspecially ones that draw butterflies. That has been my dream for many years, to have a garden that draws birds and butterflies.
    The spot under my window that gets the most sun, has so many weeds, it would take alot to get rid of them all. These are alot of creeping crawling weeds that get white flowers on them. It would be nice to know of a good way of getting rid of them, since I am bothered with my back, and the soil is so hard to work with. I love seeing areas that have native American wildflowers. Not many of those places are around, as most people tend to grow plants that originally came from other countries. Nothing wrong with that, as there are many pretty plants that came from other countries.     

Walk to the park

     It was a nice sunshiny day, with a slight breeze. and not a cloud in the sky. It was a bit warm, but the light breeze helped. The park is about 3 blocks away from my home, so decided to go take a walk, taking my camera with me. I always like taking my camera along, to get photos of things that may show up that I haven't seen before. I did see a red wing black bird, and was able to get a photo, though not a very good one. There were a few people fishing at the pond, and one boy kept catching catfish, were it seemed no one was was catching anything. The catfish were small, I suppose because it's still spring.
     I enjoy taking walks during the spring, to catch the spring flowers in bloom, and seeing the baby Canadian geese. Saw a snapping turtle in the pond, and was able to get a photo of it. Have to really look though to see it in the water. Though I live in the city, there is still an abundance of wildlife. More common ones then any thing, like rabbits, American goldfinch, geese, ducks, and the northern cardinal.
    Once in awhile you see a deer, or other critters not much seen in the city, and have been glad some times that I had my camera with me. Here are a few photos I took today.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My hosta garden

I started planting hostas about 5 years ago, since I was looking for plants that grew well in an area that has alot of shade. Hostas are really great for areas that don't get much sun. I have 5 different kinds in a small area around my back porch. Most of the plants I love the best needed full sun. One of my aunts planted hostas way back in the early 1960's, and they continue to come up every year.
I must read up more about this plant, as I don't know if these are the original plants, or are new plants started from the original plants. I was surprised to find out there are 80 different kinds .  


   People always have said since the begining of time, that the world was going to end on a certain day. Why do people foolishly fall for this, selling everything they own, quite their jobs, and follow these people, only to find out these false prophets are only full of lies. They can't predict the end of the world any more then I can. I guess they just want to see how foolish people still are, and want to see how far they will go. The world isn't going to end today, and God isn't coming back for so called true believers. The non believers won't all be dead in 6 months. It isn't what the bible said after the rapture. It said there will be a 7 years tribulation, and many will die in those 7 years. No where does it say that 97 percent of non believers will die in the first 6 months.
      That's just putting fear into people unnessarily, who are gullible enough to believe these false prophsies. People never learn though from past false prophesies. History repeats itself in many ways. But not a whole lot of people learn from them. The human race still hates and disrespects those who are different then them, and feel they must kill over differences like religion, race and color. Come on, if God was really a loving God, then people wouldn't feel the need to treat others the way that they do. I don't really think a loving God wants people to kill in the name of God. That isn't right. People who judge others because of the way they look, or for what they people, can't be true Christains. If this is what the Christain church teaches, then it can't be coming from God. Then the christain church wonders why people are drifting away.  There's no difference between the so called christain world, and the non believers, except non believers don't go around saying you were a sinner the day that you were born. I will never understand how someone can say a new born baby is a sinner.
     The baby is a sinner because they were born? There's no way a new born baby can be a sinner. Sounds like a bunch of hog wash to me, and a way to try to make people feel quilty for no reason at all.    

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The end of time

     It always makes me laugh when I hear people saying things like the world is going to end on a certain day. Now people are saying the world is going to end this Saturday, May 21st. How many times over the years, have we heard predictions of the world ending, just to put people in a panic?
     I remember in 1999, how people paniced, because they thought the computers would crash, all the lights would go out, water would stop running, and so on. I was working at a grocery store at the time, and saw what this news did to people. They spent hundreds of dollars stock piling on food, water, gas tanks, tents, all because someone put a panic into them. It was a time people also took all their money out of the banks, because they feared it would all be lost by new years day 2000. If people would of thought about it, December 31st 1999 our time, was already January 1st 2000  some where else, and nothing happened. No crashes, no lights out, nothing stopped working.
       Then people tried to return all this stuff they paniced to buy when they found out nothing happened, exspecting stores to refund them their money. That would have bankrupted the stores, for peoples foolishness. Makes you wonder what are on peoples mind to begin with, to want to put others in such a freenzy. Makes me think they actually enjoy watching others go into a panic, to see what they will do. Those of us who know the truth, know you can't predict the exact day the world will end.
      Live life to it's fullest, and pay no mind to false statements, making you think you have to sell all your belogings, or take all your money out of the bank.   

Sunday, May 1, 2011

My nanday

     I have had my nanday Chico since August of 1997. A co-worker I was working with at the time, had given him to me. The bird had belonged to her mother-in-law, which had belonged to her daughter. Aparently Chico had attacked my co-workers baby, and left a big gouge in his head. They had said the bird was very mean, so I had questions about if I should take the bird in if he was mean.
    I had another nanday in the house that I had gotten earlier that year from a niece, so I took the chance that the 2 birds might get along, even if the bird didn't like me. I tell you, to this day, I don't regret taking in Chico. Not only was he not mean, he took to me like glue,and has been my buddy since day one. There was a nasty worn out wash cloth that was hanging in the cage, and the previous owner had said not to take the rag out of the cage. They had said he liked to hide behind it, and would bite if I tryed to take it out of the cage.
     Don't know what happened at his previous home, that he hid behind the cloth like that, but I had no problem removing it from his cage. I had his cage next to my other nandays cage to make him feel more at home in my bedroom. At the time, I didn't realize  that there was a few bars loose on the cage, and wondered how he kept getting out of his cage. At the begining, he would fly into the frontroom, and would land on me or my mom. I would put him back in his cage, only to have him fly back into the frontroom 15 minutes later to visit us. Wondering how he kept getting out of his cage when the door was locked, I checked the cage over, finding a few bars were lose on top of the cage.
     Aparently he discoved that, and would work on getting thru the bars. He seemed to love being around people, and having the attention. He would chitter chatter away in bird talk everytime my mom and I would talk, to put his 2 cents worth in, then open his beak and bob his head up and down like he just told us a funny joke and was laughing about it. I did get him a new cage.
    Him and my nanday Romeo did get along well, and Romeo cleaned Chico, but Chico seemed to preferr human contact. Many things have changed since that great day. I have moved, my mother has past away, I had changed jobs a few times, and am now uneployeed, one of the cockatiels passed away, as well as the other nanday Romeo. Chico still remains my buddy though, though there has been times I haven't spent much time with him. It seems once a nanday becomes your friend, they remain your friend for life.