Sunday, May 1, 2011

My nanday

     I have had my nanday Chico since August of 1997. A co-worker I was working with at the time, had given him to me. The bird had belonged to her mother-in-law, which had belonged to her daughter. Aparently Chico had attacked my co-workers baby, and left a big gouge in his head. They had said the bird was very mean, so I had questions about if I should take the bird in if he was mean.
    I had another nanday in the house that I had gotten earlier that year from a niece, so I took the chance that the 2 birds might get along, even if the bird didn't like me. I tell you, to this day, I don't regret taking in Chico. Not only was he not mean, he took to me like glue,and has been my buddy since day one. There was a nasty worn out wash cloth that was hanging in the cage, and the previous owner had said not to take the rag out of the cage. They had said he liked to hide behind it, and would bite if I tryed to take it out of the cage.
     Don't know what happened at his previous home, that he hid behind the cloth like that, but I had no problem removing it from his cage. I had his cage next to my other nandays cage to make him feel more at home in my bedroom. At the time, I didn't realize  that there was a few bars loose on the cage, and wondered how he kept getting out of his cage. At the begining, he would fly into the frontroom, and would land on me or my mom. I would put him back in his cage, only to have him fly back into the frontroom 15 minutes later to visit us. Wondering how he kept getting out of his cage when the door was locked, I checked the cage over, finding a few bars were lose on top of the cage.
     Aparently he discoved that, and would work on getting thru the bars. He seemed to love being around people, and having the attention. He would chitter chatter away in bird talk everytime my mom and I would talk, to put his 2 cents worth in, then open his beak and bob his head up and down like he just told us a funny joke and was laughing about it. I did get him a new cage.
    Him and my nanday Romeo did get along well, and Romeo cleaned Chico, but Chico seemed to preferr human contact. Many things have changed since that great day. I have moved, my mother has past away, I had changed jobs a few times, and am now uneployeed, one of the cockatiels passed away, as well as the other nanday Romeo. Chico still remains my buddy though, though there has been times I haven't spent much time with him. It seems once a nanday becomes your friend, they remain your friend for life.

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