Thursday, May 19, 2011

The end of time

     It always makes me laugh when I hear people saying things like the world is going to end on a certain day. Now people are saying the world is going to end this Saturday, May 21st. How many times over the years, have we heard predictions of the world ending, just to put people in a panic?
     I remember in 1999, how people paniced, because they thought the computers would crash, all the lights would go out, water would stop running, and so on. I was working at a grocery store at the time, and saw what this news did to people. They spent hundreds of dollars stock piling on food, water, gas tanks, tents, all because someone put a panic into them. It was a time people also took all their money out of the banks, because they feared it would all be lost by new years day 2000. If people would of thought about it, December 31st 1999 our time, was already January 1st 2000  some where else, and nothing happened. No crashes, no lights out, nothing stopped working.
       Then people tried to return all this stuff they paniced to buy when they found out nothing happened, exspecting stores to refund them their money. That would have bankrupted the stores, for peoples foolishness. Makes you wonder what are on peoples mind to begin with, to want to put others in such a freenzy. Makes me think they actually enjoy watching others go into a panic, to see what they will do. Those of us who know the truth, know you can't predict the exact day the world will end.
      Live life to it's fullest, and pay no mind to false statements, making you think you have to sell all your belogings, or take all your money out of the bank.   

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