Saturday, May 21, 2011


   People always have said since the begining of time, that the world was going to end on a certain day. Why do people foolishly fall for this, selling everything they own, quite their jobs, and follow these people, only to find out these false prophets are only full of lies. They can't predict the end of the world any more then I can. I guess they just want to see how foolish people still are, and want to see how far they will go. The world isn't going to end today, and God isn't coming back for so called true believers. The non believers won't all be dead in 6 months. It isn't what the bible said after the rapture. It said there will be a 7 years tribulation, and many will die in those 7 years. No where does it say that 97 percent of non believers will die in the first 6 months.
      That's just putting fear into people unnessarily, who are gullible enough to believe these false prophsies. People never learn though from past false prophesies. History repeats itself in many ways. But not a whole lot of people learn from them. The human race still hates and disrespects those who are different then them, and feel they must kill over differences like religion, race and color. Come on, if God was really a loving God, then people wouldn't feel the need to treat others the way that they do. I don't really think a loving God wants people to kill in the name of God. That isn't right. People who judge others because of the way they look, or for what they people, can't be true Christains. If this is what the Christain church teaches, then it can't be coming from God. Then the christain church wonders why people are drifting away.  There's no difference between the so called christain world, and the non believers, except non believers don't go around saying you were a sinner the day that you were born. I will never understand how someone can say a new born baby is a sinner.
     The baby is a sinner because they were born? There's no way a new born baby can be a sinner. Sounds like a bunch of hog wash to me, and a way to try to make people feel quilty for no reason at all.    

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